1973 Cessna C-150L N10895

1973 Cessna C-150L N10895

Aircraft Summary​

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Aircraft Summary​

  • This C-150L is a wonderful example of the Cessna line. This aircraft is reliable, inexpensive to operate and a great way to build hours.
  • The 150L had the longest production run of any 150 sub-model, being produced 1971-74.
  • New In 1971 were tubular landing gear legs with a 16% greater width (6 feet 6 Inches) to 7 feet 7 Inches) for better ground handling.
  • The landing and taxi lights were moved to the wing leading edge to the nose bowl to better Illuminate the ground.
  • The “L” also Introduced a longer dorsal strake that reached to the rear window,

Continental o-200 100 HP

SMOH: 1430

TT: 4080

Basic instrument cluster with mode C 150 transponder, 2 Nav/Com radios, 2 localizers, Mounter intercom system.

Exterior: 5/10 gold/beige/brown on white

The Interior has comfortable leather and cloth seating with good carpet.

The front/rear screens and side windows are in good condition.

Interior: 6/10 brown/patterned cloth


Total Time:                              4080

Annual Due:                             02/2022

ELT Due:                                  2024

  • No known damage history
  • Airframe logbooks missing 1974-1980
  • All Logbooks current after 1980
  • Cessna C-150L’s value continues to increase.
  • No ADS-B
Aircraft Details
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